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Pressure Canned Cabbage Roll In a Jar

Oh, the convenience of just opening a jar and heating it to make dinner. This recipe gives you all the delicious flavor of traditional cabbage rolls, ready to eat within minutes out of a jar. Serve this delicious home cooked meal over rice.

You'll notice with this recipe that the amount it yields varies. I find sometimes that I get 7 quarts, sometimes 10. This has to do with the size of the vegetables you use. If you are stirring your pot, and it looks dry, feel free to add more passata or diced tomatoes. It should be saucy when its added to the jars.


3 pounds ground meat (I use half pork, half beef)

2 onions, chopped

4 cloves garlic, chopped

4 bell peppers, chopped

1 quart sauerkraut

2 quarts diced tomatoes with their juice

1 quart passata

1 head of cabbage, chopped into bite sized pieces

1 quart chicken stock

salt and pepper

In a large stockpot, brown the meat. Add the remaining ingredients to the pot. Stir the pot occasionally while bringing the contents to a simmer. Continue at a simmer until cabbage just starts to soften.

Ladle the hot mixture into hot jars. Leave a generous 1 inch headspace. Debubble, and add the "broth" to top up to maintain headspace.

Clean rims with vinegar. Add lids and rings to jars, hand tighten.

Add jars to pressure canner and secure lid. Bring to a boil on high heat. Let canner vent for 10 minutes, then add weight. Continue heating to achieve appropriate pressure for your elevation. Process at pressure, 75 minutes for pints and 90 minutes for quarts.

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