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Canned Asparagus

Pressure Canned Method

When you find asparagus at a reasonable price, stock up and can it! I love having this at the ready for raclette, quiche and even ham and cheese melts.

This recipe is a raw pack recipe, meaning once your asparagus is cleaned and trimmed, simply pack your hot jars, add lids and process.

How to pressure can asparagus:

  1. Wash & trim asparagus spears, take care to remove all woody stems.

  2. If using pint jars, cut spears in half to fit.

  3. Pack tightly into hot jars, leave 1 inch headspace.

  4. Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt to each jar.

  5. Cover asparagus with boiling water, leaving 1 inch headspace.

  6. Debubble, add more water if necessary.

  7. Wipe rims with vinegar, add lids and hand tighten rings.

  8. Add jars to pressure canner. Remember warm jars, warm canner!

  9. Add lid to canner, secure. Bring to a boil on high heat. Vent 10 minutes and add the weight, bringing your canner to the appropriate pressure for your elevation.

  10. Process at pressure for 30 minutes for quarts and 40 minutes for pints.

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