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How to Can Milk (Pressure Canned Method)

Pressure Canner Method

Pressure Canned Milk in Jars

Why would you even want to can milk? For me, the answer is simply less waste. We're not huge milk drinkers around here, and it seems that whenever I buy a 4 liter jug it goes bad before it's consumed. If I don't buy milk, it seems I'm running to the store more often than I want to.

Now I know that there are those who can dairy and those who don't. It's not recommended to do so in North America, but in other parts of the world it's common practice. I hold by the adage, your kitchen, your rules. For myself, I did some research, asked some questions and decided to try it out.

Success! It worked so well. Now I have a stash at home for baking, making mashed potatoes or anything I need. Last week I was really lucky to find deeply discounted organic milk at my local Superstore, so I grabbed 4 jugs and got to work.

How to Pressure Can Milk:

  • Fill clean jars with milk to 1 inch headspace, clean rims with water, not vinegar.

  • Close jars with lids and rings

  • Remember: cold milk, cold jars, cold canner.

  • Add water to prepared canner. Close lid.

  • Bring canner to 10 pounds of pressure. Turn off heat. Let gauge return to zero pressure.

  • Remove jars from canner.

  • Let sit undisturbed on counter 24 hours.

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